What’s inside your brain today What’s inside your brain I pass you on the sidewalk And so what does it contain? Our eyes meet for an instant And there’s wrinkles on your face So I wonder what is back there With each thought in its own place Each thought is in its place I know... Continue Reading →



I’m guilty ‘cause I’m angry And I’m angry cause I’m scared And I’m mad that you can see it And my feelings have been bared. So please don’t come and pat me Just to make things better soon For I’m trapped here in this corner Like a wounded sore raccoon.


No one built a statue No one gave a plaque But even now you turn to me And sometimes you come back Sometimes you come back, my dad Sometimes you come back You come to me in sleep, my dad Holding up a snack Holding up a snack of course And with a smile it... Continue Reading →


Chris is gone, But I’m still here, Mark is gone But I’m still near Pat is gone His words were dear But I’m still here But I’m still here How strange it is That I still fear I listen now Without an ear For this brief moment I’m a seer Cause I’m still here Yes... Continue Reading →

The Spin

Just when you think that the ball will roll over you it misses and hits the demon who chases you just when you think the demon is done with you he's all fired up from that cannonball smashing him just when I think I'll never be happier the roof starts to leak and ruins my... Continue Reading →

Morning Fight

It’s not fatigue it’s not some fear about my words or clothing it’s that I must resist each day the surge toward self-loathing.


The brain the brain A memory train A hundred thousand thoughts In store Scoop in your mind For thousands more One quick stroke Will make it broke No one will know Then any more About the cake When you were four.


Thanks for being beautiful thanks for being handsome I thought I could be like you I thought I could advance some But looks are just not like that They’re neither hers nor his and I don’t have to be that way as long as someone is.


You started out and thought you knew just how the waves and currents do you were so sure you knew the way your hand was strong you loved the spray But now you've fractured every oar with broken boats upon the shore and charts that make no sense to you still seek to tell you... Continue Reading →

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