The Range

The human heart, the human heart a wide range of behavior some things we do don’t matter much some things we do are graver we must look deep into our deeds with eyes that do not waver deciding if it’s all the same-- or if we need a saviour.


The Last Laugh

Would it be the darkest joke If all the hearts that ever broke If all the fractured brains and arms And all the poisonous alarms If bleakness and the shards of hate The hooks that lurked within the bait And all experience of pain Were washed away in summer rain And shock of all, the... Continue Reading →


The cost is high The cost is high I started out to follow you And claimed I’d do the things you do To love a foe and give like that Would end my life in seconds flat And if my life is gone you see How can I speak incessantly? I altered my trajectory And... Continue Reading →


When I had met the worst defeat I went deflated on the street And then the night air smelled most sweet The dearest moment I would meet The precious times do seem to flow When we are caught in undertow But why this is I do not know And yes I wish it were not... Continue Reading →

To the Immature Robin

You never stop You never stop Your desperate squawking, hungry cries You follow mom around the park Hardly noticing her eyes She never stops She never stops Searching here and there for food Her weariness is dull and stark Crushed beneath her grasping brood.


I fell in love with you almost a thousand years ago The dreams we dreamed were dreams that now a child would never know Our whispered words were buried in a fairyland of snow We thought the heart would never change-- a thousand years ago.

Award Night

Like the deity you aren’t You strut upon the stage Desperate to show your stuff The fans can’t tell your age It’s work to make your face look calm The waving crowds are there Your abject faithfulness is clear A god that isn’t there Convince yourself you’re breaking rules So bold and so poetic But... Continue Reading →


Sometimes in the day But mostly in the night The dread will slink inside And make your windpipe tight The darkness wraps you tight Until your eyes can’t breathe The chest begins to twist And then the brain will seethe To try to stop the seethe You give way to its sight But that will... Continue Reading →

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