Purpose and the Stairway to Nowhere


Coffee is usually something more than coffee.  In a tiny coffee shop in Lower Manhattan, I have the chance to have a very good cup of coffee.  You can usually find a table, and the surroundings are warm and cozy, not at all like a Starbucks.
As I drink in that dark liquid elixir, I have a chance to watch a stairway that goes along the inside wall of the coffee shop.  It goes nowhere.  It ends in emptiness.  I am told that this very stairway was mentioned in the  Marylin Monroe movie, Seven Year Itch. I think it was the result of boarding up what was once a duplex.
Rich coffee, with a little cream, helps me stop for just a moment and think about the effort it takes to build something that goes nowhere.  It would be a bit hellish, I think to look back at one’s life and realize that with all our prodigious efforts, we had constructed means to achieve a nothing goal.  A stairway to nowhere.
The coffee is really excellent at this place.  They roast their own.  I will tell you the name of the place the next time I blog.


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