Leadership and Staring into Nowhere


We are all going to have to ask the question one way or other.  I just wrote a book about leaders, but I’m not thinking about leadership in the normal way.  I see all the maxims about what it means to be a leader, but what if all that work took us down the wrong path?  What if the crafted steps led up to nothing?  Like it or not, we all lead in some way, whether it’s a business or a child or a dog on a leash or as a role model for someone younger and more vulnerable, whether for good or for ill.  I guess it is good to think from time to time, perhaps over a cup of coffee or a cup of tea, about what our labor leads to.
Incidentally, you can come stare at the nowhere stairs yourself.  It is at 71 Irving Place: Coffee & Tea on Irving Street in Lower Manhattan.  It’s a quiet block but the place is always crowded.  If you are good, you can sit at a table and become invisible for a while.
The next blog I will tell you one of my favorite quotes about drinking coffee, and the quote has nothing to do with drinking coffee.


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