Pretending to Plan a Revolution


 On Ave B and 13th Street, in what is now called the East Village, although old-timers call it the Lower East Side, an odd coffee shop thrives.  Forget the clever yet tacky name on the outside–B Cup.  The coffee is really quite good, but coffee is always really more than the coffee, isn’t it? Drinking coffee is about the ambiance, the friends you are with or the ones you are not with.  It is  the parallel delicate swirl of the steam coming from the coffee cup, and the kind of time you have to sit.  It is a moment to experience a wave of well being in the midst of chaos.
    Anyway, this place is in a great location.  It holds all the contradictions of the neighborhood.  Across the street is an old-time Candy Store and a bodega.  Sometimes as I wait for my coffee, I can see shady-looking people across the street passing things back and forth as they glance around.  On the opposite corner is a sort of new building that looks like a Mondrian painting (well, at least the architect tried to do something other than a steel window and glass box).  Down the street are some housing projects and a home for disabled people.  It’s all the contradictions of the neighborhood tied up into one corner.  The developers have only made a beach head here.  They haven’t taken over.
    The inside of the coffee shop is casual and grungy.  Mind you, the coffee is quite good.  In the back of the shop is a tiny, like a closet tiny, room with little benches.  It’s a hole in the wall and very private.  It’s like sitting inside a doghouse.  You can sit there alone or with a friend and think, and you feel like you are planning a revolution.  Which brings me back to the title of the blog.  What kind of stairway am I planning to take?  I will talk about that next time.


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  1. unfortunately, these days, alot of coffee cups are a reminder of who I am without. It’s bittersweet and unpleasant at times. But I think that if I stop drinking, then the enemy will have win…

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