Fish and Ladders


 When you have your cup of coffee in hand, sitting in a quiet room, then coffee has given you a moment to meditate, to think and to think deeply.  This attitude brings me back to the path each will take, and what kind of path it will be.  Whatever path you take, you are going to influence someone.  It could be a child or a friend or a coworker or a pet.  That’s all leadership in a way.  Like it or not, we are all leaders.  We can’t get away from it.
    Many people have asked me to write a book on leadership.  Just kidding.  Actually, it was just one person.  That person was a member of my family.  I said no, because I feel I am such a nonleader.  But I love drinking coffee, and as I drank, I thought about the many good books written by able leaders.  Then I thought about people I admire, and how some of them seem to do the opposite of what was often recommended by more conventional wisdom.  I’ve also seen some people trying to follow those usual recommendations, and they just look weary.  It’s like the old saying–if a fish thinks the goal in life is to climb a ladder, he will always feel like a failure.
    So those were the kind of thoughts I had as I watched the vapor rise from my coffee at B Cup.  I want to be wise.  I don’t want to be one who builds a stairway to nowhere.  I don’t want to lead people to nothing.  In the next blog I will tell you my second favorite quote about coffee that has nothing to do with coffee.


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    1. If a leader is someone who influences others to accomplish a goal, I think everyone is a leader in some form or other. Whatever we do, we can’t help but influence someone…for good or for ill.

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