Coming In Sideways


     A long time ago, a quirky man would come to the storefront Bible studies as a seeker.  When his hair got long, he looked a bit like Albert Einstein.  Once he told me, “I don’t mind when the Holy Spirit comes in, I just don’t like it when it comes in sideways.”  I’ve thought a lot about that comment through the years.  One might have expected God to work through the great Sumerian kings in ancient times, and instead God worked through a nomadic man who was having trouble having children.  It was only much later that he was the father of many nations in the actual world.  One might have looked for God in the Egyptian palaces rather than in a bush on fire in the desert, or in the Jerusalem temple rather than in a barn and a feeding trough.  Sometimes God seems to come in sideways.

     Tomorrow my wife and I head out in a jeep with our dog.  Forty years ago, when I was seventeen, I went in a hippie van out west to look for America.  We are going out to look again.  It may be time for us to stop, and look at things sideways again.  I hope to drink some good coffee.  Portland and Seattle are in our sights eventually.  We will keep you posted.


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