The Goal Is Not More Coffee


      So here is the quote that has helped me so many times.  “You see the most of life through the smallest windows” F. Scott Fitzgerald.  You don’t have to have the grandest vista to see.  In fact, sometimes the large view can be an impediment.  One can sometimes see more in one weed in the back yard than in all the grand views of Central Park.
     It is true of coffee.  The goal is not to have more and more coffee.  The goal is to enjoy one cup.  Hoarding is a weirdness that can invade any part of our lives.
      Leaders sometimes get off center if they only think about goals, results, objectives.  It may not be about having more and more of some result.  Having more and more can even deceive a person into thinking that he or she is making progress.
     Sometimes you can have way too much coffee.  We are in the mountains of Colorado now.  I haven’t drunk much excellent quality coffee yet, except for one exception.  I hope to tell you about that next time.

Taylor Field
The Upside Down Leader


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