The Bubba Cup


     Get ready.  I am going to make some recommendations today.  We are now in Colorado and had to drive across country from North Carolina.  Because we were driving a lot, we did not take the time to hunt out the good coffee.  We drove halfway across the continent, making our way through a wasteland of hotel coffees and McDonalds.
    However, Susan was wise enough to think ahead and suggest that we get a pound of coffee from a place called Dynamite in the little town of Black Mountain in North Carolina.  I have never had a bad cup of coffee there.  You never know where you will find great coffee.  They roast their own and seem to specialize in coffees with sweet clear tones.  We bought a pound of Ethiopian coffee.
     Enter the Bubba cup.  I know it might sound blasphemous to drink great coffee out of such a contraption, kind of like offering a fine wine in a pork and beans can.  But let me tell you, it has a great thermos action and keeps the coffee hot for long, long stretches of the road.  That home-brewed Ethiopian coffee has been the best coffee we have had since North Carolina.
     It is not a far stretch to go from a Bubba cup to leadership.  The outside appearance may not tell the tale.  Even a Bubba cup can conceal an excellent coffee.  Somewhere Mark Twain makes a wry comment after reflecting on his own experience in the gold rush days.  We know that all that glitters is not gold.  I think that Twain says that in reality, nothing that glitters is gold, at least in his mining experience.  That is one reason it is good to travel, I think.  It helps you look at people with different eyes and guard against the glitter.
     I have had a good cup of coffee near Vail, Colorado.  Maybe I will tell you about it next time.

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