Searching for America


     We went twice to a coffee place in Avon, Colorado, close to Vail.  It was a family affair, with my brother and my sisters and brother-in-law and sister-in-law.  I had a coffee from Mexico that was complex and sharp.  It was excellent.  The place was called Loaded Joe’s.  The atmosphere was casual with some good jazz playing.  It’s the Colorado place I recommend.  Besides, the name has such poetry, don’t you think?
    However, we have moved on to Utah and brought our Ethiopian coffee with us.  Forty years ago, my friend and I got in his hippie van and went searching for America.  We went to the Grand Canyon.  We picked up a couple of hippie hitch-hikers from NJ.  We were four guys who hiked to the bottom of the canyon.  After traveling together for a while, we kind of thought we had found America.  Now, forty years later, Susan and I are in a Dodge Nitro looking for America again.  Tomorrow we will be looking at the Grand Canyon from the other side, the North Rim this time, instead of the South Rim, where I hiked so long ago.  Tonight, I feel like a different species of person from that young man so many years ago, wild with his hopes and possibilities and sick with longing.
     I think a key to leadership is remembering.  I know that leaders sometimes forget that they were once young and inexperienced and made foolish mistakes.  We haven’t always been at the North Rim, but sometimes we pretend that we have.
      In the next blog, I may tell you about a mystic experience I had with a raven at sunrise.

Taylor Field
Upside Down Leader


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