Accept the Sunrise God Gives You


      My wife and I have a family saying–“Accept the sunrise God gave you.” This phrase is predicated on the time last summer when I frantically pedaled my bike to get to a spot on at Sandy Hook New Jersey to see the sun rise directly from the ocean.  Sweating and panting, I couldn’t do it.  I sensed God saying gently to me–“Accept the sunrise I give you.” There before me, through the black trees (not the ocean), I saw the sun rise magnificently.  Clearly, I can apply that phrase to a lot of things in my life.
    A couple of days ago, Susan and I were at Bryce Canyon, Utah, and everyone wants to find the perfect spot to see the first sunlight on the magical stone sentries that populate the canyon.  Susan and I started drifting away from the people and the designated spots.  We eventually came to a spot where no one was.  Well, there was this big raven (not a crow), sitting on a post.  I went to look at the sunrise and kept my distance.  We were each keeping our own counsel on the morning in our own particular ways.  To my suprise, the raven walked over to me.  I know it was probably a beggar raven (they are so smart), like the squirrels and house finches in Central Park.  Still, we had a wonderful interspecies moment there at the dawn.  It was a moment I wouldn’t have had if I had just focused on the goal people told me to have.  Like a lot of leaders, I think….


     Incidentally, I offered the raven some excellent coffee (still the special roasted Ethiopian coffee carried from NC).  The raven declined.


Taylor Field
Upside Down Leader


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