Eyes to Hear and Ears to See


     We have been up in the Sierra Mountains with no phone service, so it has been a bit harder to stay in touch.  I have walked among trees that are thousands of years old (more about that later).  I have a pocket book of John Muir which I carry around in my hip pocket.  Everyone should read John Muir once in his or her life, to my way of thinking.     

     Here is something from Muir I read a day or two ago:  “So much need is there for a change of scene, new points of view.  How many notice so glorious a phenomenon as the rising of the sun over a familiar landscape?  All that is necessary to make any landscape visible and therefore impressive is to regard it from a new point of view, or from the old one with our heads upside down.”  I agree.  I wrote a book about looking at things upside down.

      My cowboy coffee pot is getting quite a glaze on it from the fireplace.  So far the coffee I am making is mediocre, but the point of view is inverting my mind.  I haven’t stood on my head yet, but I might.  So often I think we need change things up, to see with our ears, to hear with our eyes.  My eyes are listening.

     Tomorrow we leave this area and are checking out a roaster and coffee place in Groveland.  I’ll tell you if it is any good.


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