Beating a Path to Your Door


     Here are some recommendations–traveling through California.  In Groveland we enjoyed freshly roasted coffee with a clear bright strength at Firefall.  We drove through the foothills of California and had a blast.  Emerson has often been loosely quoted on doing things well.  He says, in effect, that if you do something well, “the world will beat a path to your door.”  The coffee place in Groveland did things well.  It is a small community, but people come.  As I drove and drank my excellent coffee, I thought about the non-spectacular diligence that makes great coffee.  You never know where you might find it.


     Here are two more recommendations.  I love the drive-through coffee places that seem to be everywhere, from Northern California all the way up to Alaska.  We don’t have anything quite like it in Manhattan.  God bless the solitary person standing in that booth doing an excellent job.

    Here is my second recommendation–it comes from drinking a lot of motel coffee, which is mostly vapid.  We have found that Oxford Suites has pretty good coffee, as motel coffee goes. The difference makes it worth going there.  God bless them for doing something well.  We sometimes say that the devil is in the details.  I think that God is in the details.

Taylor Field

Upside Down Leadership


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