The Second Best Cup of Coffee Ever


     Yes, there it is–if you can read the letters on the cup in the picture–it says Stumptown.  We were in Portland, “the Athens of the third wave of coffee.” We had just had a bacon and maple doughut from Voodoo down the street.  We went to Stumptown, because I think it is the epicenter of the taking-it-to-the-next-level coffee.  My cup was made on a chemex with a care I have never seen.  The barista took time to answer all my questions.  We found a table outside so that Susan and I and our dog Pepper could sit.  Portland was mellow and casual.  We felt great.  The coffee was deep clear true rich.  It was the second best cup of coffee I have ever had.
     What does this have to do with anything.  Emerson once said that “All the world is gates.” I read that on a card in a gift shop–I am such a scholar.
If all the world is gates, then a good cup of coffee in a city new to me is a gate.  Anything can be…

Taylor Field
Upside Down Leadership


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