One Gate


      I remember reading many years ago a comment by G. K. Chesterton.  I am paraphrasing here; I am not going to look it up.  I think he was referring to people who thought that true freedom and fulfillment came from sleeping with many people.  He was saying that true freedom and understanding comes from committing yourself to one person.  The comment I remember was this:  “You only need one gate to enter the garden.” To me, the comment addressed our many misguided attempts to find fulfillment and understanding.  Going through eight gates, for example, will not bring any more fulfillment and understanding.  In fact, we often find less fulfillment.  I think that some who have drifted from one romantic relationship to another can attest to this fact, after long experience.
     Perhaps the comment relates to more than romantic relationships and commitment.  I admire those who want to do everything, to experience everything, but at some point in life, we see that attending to just a few things more carefully may bring better and deeper results.
     This morning I am in a cabin.  I am drinking Stumtown coffee brewed on the cabin drip coffee maker.  My mind is not lifted up to many high exalted things.  I am focusing on one cup of coffee, one door, one sunrise, one lake, one gate.

Taylor Field
Upside Down Leader


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