The Coffee Poet


You don’t have to have a fancy place to enjoy coffee.  This cup of coffee (Peets) was enjoyed at Glacier National Park.  My sister gave me a book by Kent Nerburn.  He is a coffee poet.  Every morning he lifts his coffee mug ever so slightly to the sky.  He continues, “Perhaps my morning cup of coffee is not so profound.  But with the first taste, the fire of life comes alive in me.  I sense the richness of the earth, the calming flow of water, the transformative power of fire, the aroma of life and nourishment.  All my senses are alert, and my day goes from silence into song.”

It doesn’t take much to help us go from silence into song.  Or the reverse.


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  1. You’re ahead of us. We’re going to be there in early July. Warn the trees, a exuberant and nature loving 6 year old will be heading their way with visions of Narnia in her head.

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