You Must Go Home Again


    In the 1930’s, Thomas Wolfe, a southerner who lived in New York City, wrote a book titled You Can’t Go Home Again.  It is true.  You can never go back to what once was.
    But on the other hand, I think we all need to write a book titled You Must Go Home Again.  My wife and I have been traveling, from sea to shining sea, where the buffalo roam and where the deer and the antelope play.  We have had an experience of a lifetime.
    But we can’t stay here.
    We know it is time to go back.  We have had some great times, and we have had some great talks over some really really good coffee and some not so great coffee.  But to try to maintain this experience forever would not be right.
     I am writing a new book, partially about leaving the prison of fear.  Some of the people I admire the most are not the ones who have performed great eye-catching acts of courage.  I admire those who do their job, whether dramatic or mundane, day in and day out, regardless of recognition.  And they don’t run away.

Taylor Field
Upside Down Leader


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