The Second Best Cup of Coffee on Our Trip


     Stumptown, Stumptown, Stumptown.  The second best cup of coffee I had was on the original coffee shop for Stumptown in Portland. Keep your eye open for it.  In Manhattan, coffee shops put little signs out saying they serve Stumptown.  I predict these signs will grow.
     I had a Chemex pour there.  The woman who prepared it was so precise.  She had two mechanisms timing and monitoring the water and her pours.  I asked her why.  She said, “This is almost a five dollar cup of coffee.  We want everything to be perfect.” She gave me a packet of instructions on preparing Chemex coffee, which she said was the result of thousands of personal tests.  The coffee was a jazz concert, and every tone was in the zone.
     Adapting a quote from Benjamin Franklin, which itself is often misquoted–coffee is a kind of proof that God loves us and wishes us well.   It makes us stop and remember why we are here.  It is a cure for amnesia.

Taylor Field
Upside Down Leader


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