The Best Cup of Coffee in 10,000 Miles


      My heart goes back to Portland for coffee.  For me, their attention to the details took things to another level.  This is the Stumptown cafe in downtown Portland.  Yes, I have mentioned it before.  It was the best.  The coffee was sharp as a saber and velvet as night.  It brought alacrity to the brain like a diamond bullet through the forehead.  Still, the feeling on the street where we sat at a table was mellow and relaxed.  You could rest and watch people with the assurance of a black restorative in your mug.
     A wise man once said that hospitality is paying attention to the guest.  Stumptown paid careful attention to the guest and I am humbled.  Even though the original cafe gets second place, the downtown cafe wins the award as the best.

Taylor Field
Upside Down Leader


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  1. Well, buddy! Happy Birthday! Since you and I share the same “day of celebrating our birth”, we can celebrate getting old together. Let’s do a cup of coffee soon, your choice, and we’ll celebrate! ~ Michael Chance

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