How About Never–Is Never Good For You?

How About Never--Is Never Good For You?

This is my favorite coffee mug when I am on vacation. It’s a New Yorker cartoon–if you can’t read it on the photo, it has a picture of a business man saying, “No, Thursday’s out–how about never, is never good for you?” That is my dream when I am on vacation–to get out of sequential time, to move away from appointments and lists of things to do, and if anyone asks for something, just to say, “Never.”
But the dream doesn’t last for long. About a million years ago, I read Thomas Merton’s autobiography, and I remember that he had a summer in Italy when he didn’t have to worry about money or anything. However, a boil on his arm plagued him, and a toothache, and other various little troubles. He concludes that if you try to avoid suffering, it will not work. Instead, less and less significant things cause you suffering.
In the same way, you may try to avoid commitments, but it doesn’t really work. Instead, we get all flustered by less and less significant commitments. A lot of times, getting freedom is like that–we do the inverse of what we think will bring freedom, and freedom comes. Vacation is over for me. Bring on the freedom.

Taylor Field
Upside Down Freedom


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  1. I am about to return to work after a lengthy period of time off dealing with an illness.
    When I first was diagnosed with Amyloidosis, it did not feel like freedom, it felt like a sentence.
    Yet during my treatments for my illness and my hospitalization and my recovery, I did find freedom. I had no other obligations but to take care of myself and be taken care of. I had the freedom to reflect, to pray for others, to be thankful.
    Now that I am well again I was concerned that I would lose that freedom when I had to return to work, but after reading your blog I will embrace the new freedom that awaits me.

      1. Thank you for your prayers, Taylor. I will pray for you today as well. God is good.
        I do love that New Yorker cartoon on your mug.

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