Please No Rats on the Table

Please No Rats on the Table

This picture is perhaps my favorite coffee picture of all time. The “Please No Rats on the Table” sign is real, the coffee is real, as well as the other “No Smokes No Booze” sign. Can you guess the context?

The sign was on a table in front of Graffiti Church–and is part of a ministry called Collide. Collide works with a group of people who call themselves “Travelers.” Appropriately, Travelers travel around, have a certain life style, and often have dogs. Their dogs are very important to them (as mine is to me). Sometimes they have other pets, such as rats. The pet rats are really wonderful, and very loving. They are fun to hold. They just look creepy to people who are walking by on the streets.

Thanks to a strong team, the Travelers like to hang out at Graffiti on Wednesday nights during the summer. This picture shows one of the tables where they eat their food and drink their coffee. Heidi, the Director of Collide, is a no-nonsense person. On Wednesday night, the signs make perfect sense.

Many people will remind me that context is everything. I don’t know. When I read the book of Isaiah, I notice that God starts out with a bang. For God, worship without the context of service is disgusting. Those are God’s words. It’s worse than rats on the table. I just wrote a book about that–not rats. Upside down worship. It’s coming out in May.

Taylor Field
Upside Down Devotion: Extreme Action for a Remarkable God


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